What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

"Awesome class and awesome instructor!"

- Shayne M. with Coastal Field Services (ICTP Trainee)

"Great information and motivation to take accountability."

Jesse K. with JLL

"Our CDI training was a great over-all experience.

I will definately be using CDI Services for future training."

- Garrett O. (ICTP Trainee)

"Our CDI Trainer was amazing! He presented the material in

various ways that helped me remember all the material easily."

- Garrett O. (ICTP Trainee)

"Excellent OSHA instructor.  Very knowledgable in the construction field."

- Amy D. with JLL

"Great instructor with relavant topics for our line of work.

Would recommend highly to industry contacts."

James H.

"We highly recommend Gary with CDI Services!"

- Joe P. with PM Heritage

"The instructor's passion & knowledge of the course made me want to learn!"

- Cheryl (NCCER Core Trainee)